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We offer a variety of flavors for your frozen drink machine. Whether you’re looking for a classic like strawberry or something a little more unique like blueberry, we have you covered. Atlantic Vending can ensure your frozen drink machine will always be fully stocked!

We repair Frozen Drink Machines.

If you own your businesses frozen drink machine Atlantic Frozen Drink Machine Service is here to keep you cool-running. Our frozen drink machine repair technicians make house calls. We come on-site to fix any brand of frozen drink machine. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to keep your business flowing with cool, refreshing, frozen treats and drinks. Hot South Florida days invite more frozen beverage sales with your working machines on display.

Affordable and Dependable Service Calls.

We stand behind our work! We guarantee all our work and parts for 90 days! Lets Schedule Your Repair and get you back in business fast!

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Whether you have a convenience store or a gas station…

It’s probably safe to assume you put most of your time and effort into ensuring your gas pumps and ATMs are working, your fridges and freezers are maintaining their temperature, and your car wash facilities are up and running and in peak condition—the things you depend on daily in order to make money. But there’s another product that’s been around for decades and that continues to be a hot seller (pun intended!) throughout the United States: The frozen drink machine.

The frozen drink machine, which debuted in 1977, continues to be a fun and cool draw for customers of all ages. Kids love it because it offers endless possibilities for flavor and color, adults love it because it’s a nostalgia item from their childhoods. And you love it because of the profit it generates.

Surprisingly the most common machine that’s forgotten about when it comes to getting routine maintenance at convenience stores and gas stations is the Frozen Drink Machine. Doesn’t matter what you call it: Slurpie, Slush, Slushie, Slushee, Slushy, Slurpy, Frozen Daiquiri Machine, Frozen Margarita Machine or just a Frozen Drink Machine, these machines come in many different shapes and sizes in a variety of makes and models. Not having a working Frozen Drink Machine at your business is not cool at all!

Atlantic Vending

Every day that your Frozen Drink machines goes down, you are losing money.

Atlantic Vending is always there for you. All our technicians are trained to help you get your machine up and running as quickly as possible. We’re here to help you minimize your downtime, preform repairs, and order replacement parts. Give us a call when your frozen drink machine is down. We’ll get you back in business fast!