About Us

6 things about Atlantic Vending

1. Customer service that exceeds your expectations

Delivering the best customer satisfaction experience has earned the trust and loyalty of our customers. Because we solve problems on demand. We understand what your needs are. While it’s nice to be digital, we make sure our customers can always reach us by phone. You will never hear “…Your call is important to us, please wait.” When you call us there is no waiting on hold. We speak clearly to you with no fancy jargon. We make things right.

2. We are online 24/7

Our modern fleet of state-of-the-art vending machines are connected to the internet via cellular services. We are notified if anyone of our vending machines fails to perform. Responding to repair is quick and automatic. What’s selling best is restocked frequently, and lesser sellers are replaced with proven winning products.

3. Mistakes fixed fast

Nobody’s perfect. We’re only human though our machines are not. But we work hard to make thing right with lightning speed.

4. We value your time

Your operation is busy. Our state-of-the-art information systems get our people in and out faster. So fast you may not even know we were there.

5. State-of-the-art, internet connected, vending machines accept all form of payment

Customers choose how to pay. From bills and coins, to credit cards swipe/tap, and Apple Pay mobile payment apps.

6. Over 26 years of experience taught us “how to know”  our customers

Your satisfaction is very important to us. We’re always working to build customer relationships to last a lifetime. We anticipate your needs and proactively solve issues before you discover any problems. More than delivering snacks and drinks on-demand, we deliver excellence in customer service since 1995.

Atlantic Vending works with all types of organizations

From medical centers and manufacturers to hotels and apartments, to condominiums and office buildings. No matter what type of employees or clientele you serve, our state-of-the-art vending are sure to satisfy.

Specialist in

Office Buildings

The south Florida job market is highly competitive. What are you doing to set yourself apart and attract the attention of prospective employees and patrons? Offering high-demand snacks and drinks to your workplace location is the perfect way to enact positive change!

Car Dealerships

Atlantic Vending services some of the largest automotive dealerships in south Florida. Our fleet of modern vending machines is the “Rolls Royce” of the industry. Serving the best selling snacks and drinks for the enjoyment of your employees and customers. We help car dealerships make a lasting positive experience for everyone.
Condominium Association Specialist

Condominium Associations

Regardless of the size of your community. Our years of specialized experience guarantee vending machines placed on your condominium property will be managed by a skilled, local staff, that’s supported by an experienced executive team. By partnering with us, we will work closely with property managers and become familiar with your condo association and understand its requirements, challenges, and vision.

If you’re ready to transition away from outdated vending machines you need to call Atlantic Vending — South Florida’s superior provider.

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